Me and my Minnie

It was Christmas night and not a mouse stirred. Except for me. I knew from the moment that I first touched her that there was static electricity between us. I am a mechanical, roller ball mouse and she is my mouse pad. I called her Minnie.

It took a few weeks for things to break into a smooth roll between me and Minnie. She tended to be a little uneven and unpredictable at places. But there was really nothing that I couldn’t iron out in a few days. We enjoyed each other’s company. Whether it was the hard workout we got when Charlie played a first person shooter game or whether it was the endless hours of nestling on her bosom when Charlie played his racing games. We seemed to be made for each other. The best part was the understanding we seemed to share between each other that is so essential for any mouse and mouse-pad relationship to work. We shared the burden equally. There were times where I would pull in a little to ease out the bumpy ride and there were times when she would stop being so edgy and present a softer side to me.

Things really moved to the next level the day we went for our first outing. It was a counter-strike tournament. Everyone, including Charlie, expected us to get creamed. But by that time, me and Minnie were like this well-oiled machine that could out-slick any move that a teenager can come up with. We grinded against each other like never before and man, did the sparks fly. We moved like one entity as Charlie managed to knock the rest of the competition out of the park. He won a trophy and we both got a shiny sticker each. We took it as a sign of our formal marital commitment to each other.

It has been five years since that day and we have remained ever faithful to each other. The shine may have worn off the sticker but my circuits still clock up only for my Minnie. She was no less loyal to me. Charlie tried to replace me with other fancy optical mice. But Minnie would have none of it. She would not let anyone but me caress her. No other mouse would be allowed to read the fine wrinkles that had now begun to form on my darling mouse pad. Charlie kept trying to replace me but Minnie was stubborn. Things finally took a decisive turn when Minnie almost managed to open Charlie’s minimized webpage when his mom stepped on his room. I think Charlie finally got the message.

He relegated us both to his upper shelf were we both spend our retirement days in peace and tranquility. We both look down proudly as the future generation carries on the mantle with our Charlie as I rest myself peacefully on my eternal companion Minnie, my first and only mouse pad.

Post Script

The above piece won second prize in a contest on the theme “An Unlikely Romance”

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