Houseplant says Hello

I am a houseplant. I grow in a house. Most trees and plants like to grow in places where human activity is at a bare minimum. For example – forests. I grow in this house because human activity is at a bare minimum in my house.

I am the primary occupant of this house. There is one human who lives in the house on a part-time basis. He comes to the house at night to sleep. Sleeping is an activity he does regularly in the house. He sleeps everyday without fail. I do not know what he does in the day. The second most frequent activity he does in the house is watering me. He does it once every two or three days. Other human activities like cooking and cleaning are done once in several weeks. The activity he does least frequently is updating his blog. Here’s the list of activities in decreasing order of regularity:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Watering the plant
  3. Cooking
  4. Cleaning
  5. Updating this blog

 Plants will grow in and take over places where human activity is at a bare minimum. So I have decided to take over his blog.

Blogging is one of the easiest human activities. Even plants can do it. Without pointing any leaves, I would like to state that some humans manage to fail this task. The only ingredients you need for a blog are words. Some humans fail to write because they cannot produce the right words. Other humans fail to write because they cannot place their words in the right order to make a sentence. Not all the sentences in a blog have to be good. Like this one. Sometimes it does not matter, in which order you place the words in a sentence. The order in which you place the words in a sentence does not matter, sometimes. I do not understand why some humans cannot write regularly.

I think it is because humans think a lot before writing. Humans do not need to think a lot before speaking. Writer’s block is common in humans. Speaker’s block is less common. Writing is slower. Speaking is faster. Humans started using speech to text converters to bridge this gap. I think when the technology is mature enough, speech to text converters will make writer’s block a thing of the past.

Also, humans worry about what others think of their writing. Plants do not worry. Plants can write when they want to. Plants can stop writing when they want to. I think I will keep writing here as long as human activity in this blog remains at a bare minimum.


4 thoughts on “Houseplant says Hello”

  1. Interesting….Anthropomorphism is something that doesn’t often come in your writing…

    Hello Plant…. Be firm with the human. Tell him that writer’s block is a lazy writers excuse to be lazy. Though you’re funny as well. I guess followers of this blog might be happy to know you more. Keep writing 🙂

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