Matters of the Heart

Continuing my tradition of posting a piece on my blog every year on Valentine’s Day on matters of the heart, here’s my post for this year.

On every special occasion, who are the people we think about most? Whom do we miss the most and given the choice, with whom would we like to spend that one day of celebration? Ever given it any serious thought? I am not talking about just Valentine’s Day. I mean any special festive occasion. The occasion and the corresponding person in whose company you wish to spend the occasion can reveal a lot about the depth of relationship you share with that person. Surprisingly, the subconscious may come up with people that on a conscious and rational level we may be unwilling to consider for various reasons.

Happiness can be shared with anybody, sorrow is shared only with those close to us. Praise is given to all, but criticism is given only to the ones we wish to improve. Indifference is distributed freely, anger is reserved for the special ones. Anybody can make us laugh, but the ones close to the heart are capable of making us cry. Conversations are needed with acquaintances, but with the special one, silence is equally comfortable.

The brain revels in solitude. It despises company and craves individuality. The heart craves companionship. Lying down alone on that bed, the mind is fleetest and can cross the seven seas in the blink of an eye, but the heart just sinks in the quicksand of lost love. The brain has a natural tendency to suspect. The heart, a willingness to trust. The brain wants proof. The heart just wishes that the things it heard were true. One knew it was too good to be true, the other knew not what it did to deserve this. One has tact and charm, the other speaks like it has never been lied to or deceived. One is egoistic and selfish the other has no concern for the self. The brain can plot and scheme, the heart can only dream and desire. The brain can laugh at life’s jokes and even add a bit of sarcasm of its own, but the heart can only shed silent tears.

Smiles can be insincere but tears are mostly sincere.

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