Degrees vs Cricket

Test Match


5 days or less

More or less 5 years


Advisor assigned


Course work

Leather hunt (first 2 days)

Literature survey and search for thesis problem (first 2 years)

Opposition declares

Advisor takes pity and chooses thesis problem for you

Openers face shiny new ball and bouncers

Comprehensive exam

Wickets fall

Years go by


Hobby to prevent depression

Pitch crumbles

Equipment breaks down

Spinners spin a web

Googly from experimental results

Follow on

Night out

Unfair decision

Paper rejected

Last session. No. 11 batsman trying to save his stumps from reverse swinging yorker at 150kmph

Thesis Defence



20 overs

2 years

Minimal need for technique

Minimal need for technical stuff

Pyrotechnics – Brute force, Big shots

Pyrotechnics – Marketing Ability


Gets a girl that looks like a cheerleader

IPL Auction

Placement Season

Sketch Credits: Jithin K S, ECE, IISc

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